Get Booked! w/ Martina Britt Yelverton #BrandMaster

Select the appointment that MOST ACCURATELY represents your inquiry; Some require you to WATCH A VIDEO BEFORE scheduling your appointment. Appointments w/o required “watch time” WILL BE RESCHEDULED.

#BrandMaster :: PAID :: $149 Virtual InPerson Consultation

Some times the phone just won’t do and you’ll need an “InPerson” or “Virtual” walkthru of your #SimplifiedBrand or full spectrum A-Z appointment.

If you’re a little tech savvy, we can definitely handle that for you. Use this link to download the Zoom conference app ( and we can chat face-to-face, share screens, and walk thru to get to your solution.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Price: $ 149.00

#BrandMaster LLC Formation Assistance :: PAID :: $79 Consultation 30 minutes

In working with the #BrandMaster, for most US Based Entities: I provide assistance with preparation of the Federal EIN, Articles of Organization &/or Business Certification paperwork based on your specific Secretary of State or Department of Revenue regulations. $79/pe

Please use THIS LINK to create the file needed to create your LLC at: PRIOR TO your scheduled consultation. It will be extremely helpful to have the start of this information available for your consultation.

Thank you in advance for being #Coachable #Teachable and #Training and this directive to help you #GetYoASSetsInOrder.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: $ 79.00

#BrandMaster :: PAID :: $79 Social Media Consultation

Select this Booking, if you’re interested in a custom overview consultation and Plan of Action Blueprint for your Facebook or YouTube Platform Design Implementation, Automation and/or Optimization. Additional SEO Content Creation, Planning and Engagement, and Thumbnail Creation and Use for posting. (Project Planning Worksheet & only 1 Cover Design included.)

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: $ 79.00

#YouthLifestyleTraining "HireYourKids" Workbook :: PAID :: $79 Workbook & Consultation

5Ws of a Wealth Strategy to Educate YOU, on how to capitalize on “How to Hire Your Kids in a Home Based Business” (Keep More of YOUR Hard Earned Money in Your Household!)

Get immediate access to this #HireYourKids Wealth Secret Revealed Webinar to find out the 7 Steps to Profit with YouthLife$tyleTraining

(WORKBOOK WILL BE PURCHASED FROM APPOINTMENT SELECTION - PLEASE ALLOW TIME TO RECEIVE YOUR WORKBOOK BEFORE CONSULT APPOINTMENT or ACCESS to the Private Group is provided) … THEN, we will have ongoing consultations to get your documents in order!

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: $ 79.00

#GMBEducator :: PAID :: $59 GoogleMyBusiness Setup Consultation

Select this Booking if you’re needing to get your Google My Business profile/page up and operational based on a previous pique or interest meeting and subscription w/ GMB. We will get together to walk thru the portal and get your branding and pertinent items in place so that you can begin to generate additional reviews for your business.

This 30 minute booking is a :: PAID :: #GoogleMyBusiness client inquiry. Order your startup/setup at: and consider your on-going optimization options at:

You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: $ 59.00

#BrandMaster Initial LLC Meeting Minutes :: PAID :: $39 Consultation 30 minutes

In working with the #BrandMaster, for most US based entities, I provide assistance with Ongoing Meeting Minutes for your State Registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) Resolutions via Recorded Virtual Meetings, Form Submission, Digital Storage and online access.

Please follow up your LLC Formation Assistance PAID request with this appointment type as it is needed as a secondary step to protect the individual, managing member, or member of the LLC, from the business, its’ responsibilities and its’ business activity. The form to complete prior to meeting is available at:

Thank you in advance for being #Coachable #Teachable and #Training and this directive to help you #GetYoASSetsInOrder.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: $ 39.00

#BrandMaster Content Creation :: PAID :: $29 Consultation/Walkthru 30 minutes

50+ “Niche Specific“ Topic for Posting, Blogging, Video Creation & more!
You may additionally desire to create even more on your own with an easy to follow step-by-step video walk thru. You can revamp and start over, niche for another market or edit the current topics we’ve created.

Zoom meeting (online/mobile) may be required, however you can complete this form and upon receipt of your payment your 50+ topics will be emailed prior to OR within 24hrs of your consultation.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: $ 29.00

Business Startup #BrandMaster Marketing :: PAID :: $29 Consultation

Select this Booking, if you’re interested in the options available thru #BrandMaster Martina Britt Yelverton that include Online/Offline Marketing through any of my Affiliate options.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: $ 29.00

#BrandMaster Brand Client :: PAID :: $19 Discounted Followup Consultation

The schedulding of this appointment type follows the form completed during or following your Initial FREE 15 minute consult.

While many of the questions may have been discussed during your initial consultation, other areas would be expanded upon during the process surrounding the creation of YOUR Personal Brand as it correlates to your Business. Select this appoint only after you’ve completed BOTH the FREE Initial 15 minute consultation and the #BrandMaster FollowUp Vision Request form.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: $ 19.00

#BrandMaster $199 - $3499 Custom Brand Client :: RETAINER ON FILE :: Consultation

Select this Booking, if you’re already a PAID #BrandMaster Client, with a SUBSCRIPTION RETAINER ON FILE ( and need to schedule a consultation to discuss items on your #TrelloBoard (or within your Brand package as a whole)

Duration: 1 hour

#BrandMaster LLLUp Monthly Private Group Coaching Client :: FREE :: Consultation

Select this Booking, if you’re already a Private Elite Group #BrandMaster Coaching client and need to schedule your 1 of 3 consultations based on the Units from the private group coaching.

Duration: 30 minutes

15 - 30 Minute General Service :: FREE :: Inquiry/Consultation

Select this Booking, if you’re interested in more information on various services provided by the #BrandMaster - Martina Britt Yelverton - or simply have a quick question. If you’ve received a previous general service consultations, you may be required to submit a :: PAID :: 15 - 30 Minute General Service :: $19 :: Inquiry/Consultation Fee in response to your appointment request.

Duration: 30 minutes

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