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Select the appointment that MOST ACCURATELY represents your inquiry; Some require you to WATCH A VIDEO BEFORE scheduling your appointment. Appointments w/o required “watch time” WILL BE RESCHEDULED.

#BrandMaster $1499 Custom Brand Client :: FREE :: Consultation

Select this Booking, if you’re already a #BrandMaster Client and need to schedule a consultation to discuss items on your #TrelloBoard (or within your Brand package as a whole)

1 hour

#BrandMaster $99 - $599 Private Group Coaching Client :: FREE :: Consultation

Select this Booking, if you’re already a #BrandMaster Coaching client and need to schedule your 1 of 3 consultations based on Units from the private group coaching

30 minutes

#BrandMaster :: PAID :: $59+ Virtual InPerson Consultation

Some times the online platform just won’t do and you’ll need an “InPerson” walkthru of your #SimplifiedBrand or full spectrum A-Z appointment. If you’re in the local area or less than 50 miles of Knightdale we can definitely handle that for you.

45 minutes

$ 59.00

#BrandMaster :: PAID :: $49 Social Media Consultation

Select this Booking, if you’re interested in a custom overview consultation for your Facebook or YouTube Platform Design Implementation, Automation and/or Optimization. Additional SEO Content Creation, Planning and Engagement, and Thumbnail Creation and Use for posting.

30 minutes

$ 49.00

#YouthLifestyleTraining Walkthru :: PAID :: $39 Consultation

5Ws of a Wealth Strategy to Educate YOU, on how to capitalize on “How to Hire Your Kids in a Home Based Business” (Keep More of YOUR Hard Earned Money in Your Household!) Get immediate access to this Secrets Revealed Webinar at: to find out the 5Ws of YouthLife$tyleTraining (MUST WATCH BEFORE OUR APPOINTMENT IS SCHEDULED) …… THEN, lets consult to get your documents in order!

30 minutes

$ 39.00

#BrandMaster Content Creation :: PAID :: $29 Consultation/Walkthru 30 minutes

50+ “Niche Specific“ Topic for Posting, Blogging, Video Creation & more!
Then you may desire to create even more on your own with an easy to follow step-by-step video walk thru. You can revamp and start over, niche for another market or edit the current topics we’ve created.

Zoom meeting (online/mobile) may be required.

30 minutes

$ 29.00

#ORTEducator :: FREE :: Online Review Tool OnBoarding

Select this Booking if you’re needing to get your Online Review Tool up and operational based on a previous consult and subscription w/ ORT. We will get together to walk thru the portal and get your branding and pertinent items in place so that you can begin to generate additional reviews for your business.

This booking is for a :: PAID :: #GoogleReview Tool use client. Order your tool at: You may cancel your subscription at any time.

45 minutes

Business Startup #BrandMaster Marketing :: FREE :: Consultation

Select this Booking, if you’re interested in the options available thru #BrandMaster Martina Britt Yelverton that include Online/Offline Marketing through 4 Affiliate options.

30 minutes

15 Minute General Service :: FREE :: Inquiry/Consultation

Select this Booking, if you’re interested in more information on various services provided by the #BrandMaster - Martina Britt Yelverton - or simply have a quick question.

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