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Select the appointment that MOST ACCURATELY represents your inquiry; Some require you to WATCH A VIDEO BEFORE scheduling your appointment. Appointments w/o required “watch time” WILL BE RESCHEDULED.

#BrandMaster $1499 Custom Brand Client FREE Consultation

Select this Booking, if you’re already a #BrandMaster Client and need to schedule a consultation to discuss items on your #TrelloBoard (or within your Brand package as a whole)

1 hour

#BrandMaster $99 - $599 Private Group Coaching FREE Consultation

Select this Booking, if you’re already a #BrandMaster Coaching client and need to schedule your 1 of 3 consultations based on Units from the private group coaching

30 minutes

#BrandMaster - PAID - $49+ InPerson Consultation

Some times the online platform just won’t do and you’ll need an “InPerson” walkthru of your #SimplifiedBrand or full spectrum A-Z appointment. If you’re in the local area or less than 50 miles of Knightdale we can definitely handle that for you.

30 minutes

$ 59.00

#YouthLifestyleTraining Walkthru - PAID - $39 Consultation

5Ws of a Wealth Strategy to Educate YOU, on how to capitalize on “How to Hire Your Kids in a Home Based Business” (Keep More of YOUR Hard Earned Money in Your Household!) Get immediate access to this Secrets Revealed Webinar at: to find out the 5Ws of YouthLife$tyleTraining (MUST WATCH BEFORE OUR APPOINTMENT IS SCHEDULED) …… THEN, lets consult to get your documents in order!

30 minutes

$ 39.00

#BrandMaster - PAID - $29 Social Media Consultation

Select this Booking, if you’re interested in a custom overview consultation for your Facebook or YouTube Platform Design Implementation, Automation and/or Optimization. Additional SEO Content Creation, Planning and Engagement, and Thumbnail Creation and Use for posting.

15 minutes

$ 29.00

CARogers FREE Wealth Building Movement Quick Start Orientation

Once you have watched the myEcon W4 Training and Cashflow Manager videos, you are now ready to schedule a 1:1 with our team for your Quick Start Orientation. (You must HAVE WATCHED THE REQUESTED VIDEOS and you must HAVE COMPLETED the 5 Steps in your Welcome Letter Sequence, or you appointment WILL BE rescheduled!!)

1 hour

Business Startup #BrandMaster Marketing Options FREE Consultation

Select this Booking, if you’re interested in the options available thru #BrandMaster Martina Britt Yelverton that include Online/Offline Marketing through 5 Affiliate options (5 min explanation of each)

30 minutes

15 Minute General Service FREE Inquiry/Consultation

Select this Booking, if you’re interested in more information on various services provided by the #BrandMaster - Martina Britt Yelverton - or simply have a quick question.

15 minutes